The Make-Over
Part One

Well this is how she was in the beginning (all but that sissy bar and high handle bars) A standard 1977 T140V or UK spec Triumph Bonni to the knowledgeable among you. Nice rigid 4" top tube frame (tube full of oil) just crying out to be a plunger framed chop.

It shouldn't take more than few months to build or that's what I thought when I started to build her, 18 Months later she was up and running. But that's jumping ahead a bit. First the upper rear of the frame had to be cut off to allow the plunger section to be welded in and matched up with the bottom loop.

The forks were to stay standard the plunger rear end is 4" over stock and as can be seen from the photo is slightly lower at the rear but still gives enough ground clearance. while the engine was out it seemed a good idea to take a look inside... All was well considering her age, not a lot needed doing just gas flow the head and that was more for the practice than any other reason. The gearbox was checked over, clutch friction plates replaced, new primary chain. The forks had a little work done new springs, seals, dust caps then they were modified to take a Honda Drum brake front wheel because it was easier to use the Honda Drum rear wheel than the Triumph Disk rear wheel as the brake linkages would be simpler but then there was no Speedo drive (Triumph drive the Speedo from the rear) so the Honda Front was used as it has a Speedo drive.

The triple tree also got a polish and then a new coat of paint along with the rear fender all in midnight blue, the frame was striped back to bare metal. The inside of the main tube (Oil Tank) was cleaned then blanked off along with the breathers to keep the paint and chemicals out, then it was primed and stove enamelled in the same shade of midnight blue.

Now it was time to start to put her together again and the frame was bandaged up like a mummy for protection during the rebuild. Once the engine was in and bolted down the bandages could come off. The lights and control cables re-fitted, an old fender was fitted temporarily along with the old UK Spec fuel tank that was to be replaced by an US Spec tank at the earliest possible time, the choice of tank was limited by the size of the top tube, either a one off hand made tank or the US Spec tank